Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Migraines - Can you say torture?

I have a migraine. This one has been raging for two days and I’m out of migraine medicine. It’s pure torture. I used to think people who called in sick to work because they had a migraine were lightweights. Now I feel their pain. It feels like someone has driven a railroad spike through my head, directly over my right eye. Every once in a while that same someone twists that railroad spike, just in case I’d become numb to the original pain.

I’ve taken five different kinds of headache medicine since yesterday. Some lessened the pain, temporarily, but none has been able to conquer it. If I walk into a room with lights on, I reach a new level of immediately searing pain, and grope for the light switch with that kind of vision you get when a camera flash goes off in your face. At least maybe I’ll drop a pound or so because I’m too nauseas to eat.

I’ve got to cut this one short. The glare from the computer screen is just too much to bear right now. Hopefully this insanity will end soon, but for now I have to crawl back into my dark, quiet cocoon. Thank God for Law & Order marathons.

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