Monday, February 28, 2011

I Had a Really Good Day

The other day I had a really good day. It was a day like I hadn’t had in while. I got a story published online. I got my car out of the snow, which was kind of fun because it ended up spinning 180 degrees before it would go forward. My husband might not agree that it was fun, having pulled his back and shoulder muscles helping me get it out. But it was fun.

And after almost a year, I finally made some headway in marketing myself through Twitter. It was such a rush to finally start getting people, people I didn’t know, to respond to my messages, retweet my posts, and most importantly, pick up my stories to run on their own websites. I’m learning how to go viral!

On the very same day, I started to get nibbles on my blog. People were reading it, commenting on it, and even signing up to follow it! Granted I knew my blog readers, but they all started showing up on the same day. It was nice to see “You have a new comment on your blog” or "You have a new follower" show up all day long in my e-mail. I posted my good day on Facebook in a sentence or two. For two days, people kept adding to it, until I ended up with eleven comments and three likes. So far. That’s a pretty good return, I think.

I guess I felt like all the writing I had been sending out to the world over the Internet was just hanging there in cyberspace, a wasted effort on my part. Getting all of this response to my writing on the same day was some nice validation. Getting the car out of my snowy driveway without having to shovel it out by hand was a nice bounce, too.

It’s so easy to be negative, and so hard to be positive sometimes. I thought I would share one of those rare moments when it was easy for me to be positive.

Have you had a good day lately? Let’s hear about it!


Joseph Hesch said...

As I said on Facebook, Jane, you deserve it. You've been busting your butt on the ADHD beat and here's hoping all that that work is both literally and figuratively paying off.

Beyond that, you also deserve all the support we can muster because you're supportive of so many of us--particularly me.

Just Jane said...

Thanks, Joe. Kinds words from a kind person.