Friday, March 4, 2011

All Hail the Thin Mint!

It’s Girl Scout cookie season. Mmmm… Not just cookies, Girl Scout cookies. My neighborhood Girl Scout delivered the goods yesterday, and they’re going so fast I swear those boxes are emptying themselves. Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils. And who can forget the queen of all Girl Scout cookies, the Thin Mint?
Regarding the Thin Mint, I learned an interesting fact this year. The tides are turning against it; one day soon, it may no longer be the best-selling Girl Scout cookie flavor. Could it happen this season?

I’ve felt guilty for years since my adulation for that thin, minty cookie has wavered in the wake of the increase in cookie flavors. I mean, what’s a Girl Scout cookie drive without the Thin Mint? It’s blasphemy to think of it! So I Googled “Girl Scout cookies,” just to make sure that those familiar green boxes are still being snapped up. Turns out they are, but other flavors are closing in.

The Thin Mint is still the number one-selling favorite of the masses, but only by a hair. In as many as four different rating scales, either for top-selling or best-tasting cookie, the Thin Mint was winning by only one percentage point, or less than a quarter of a star. The encroacher? The Samoa. Alas, it was with the advent of the Samoa cookie that I switched camps from the Thin Mint. That caramel-y, coconut-y chocolate-drizzled confection is a combination that is just too irresistible for me. I still buy a box of Thin Mints every year, but I usually get two boxes of Samoas. And some peanut butter Tagalongs, which come in a strong third in the race.

Even though I am among the turncoats who abandoned one of America’s best-loved cookies for a new love, I still respect the Thin Mint for all that it has done for the Girl Scouts, since the very first Girl Scout cookie sale in 1933.

Thin Mint, I salute you.

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